Eco-friendly printed jute bag from the “Carry the waves with you” series. Handmade on Milos with love.

Eco-friendly printed  bag from the “Carry the waves with you” series.    Made from jute, screen printed unbleached cotton, cotton fiber rope,  * plastic zip  and  4 rust proof metal grommets

Jute is one of the most organic and eco-friendly fibers in the world today.   It makes lovely strong bags and is an interesting material to work with.  The jute is washed before being sewn so is essentially pre-shrunk.  The water bowl is printed onto unbleached cotton using water-based ecological inks.    I have heard YKK  manufacture recycled and biodegradable zips and am searching for a supplier here in Greece but until then the zips I use are unfortunately plastic …but can be *recycled!!

The bag is 30cm x 35cm so is roomy enough for essentials and the handles are unbleached cotton rope the ends of which, when left unfinished, make beautiful tassels     They can be lengthened or shortened by just moving the knot up or down.  The rim of the bag is completely padded with unbleached cotton and feels  “squishy”  and nice.

Finally the bag is supplied with a screen printed label which can be sewn onto the bag,  or used as a book-mark,  a clothes patch, or even cut up for patchwork.  What ever you can think off

***I will post pics of how I would recycle the metal grommets and plastic zips.  Ohhhh sooooo many ideas!!! …..jewellery, miniature sculpture………..etc etc

I hope you like it.

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