The witching hour is almost upon us and I have to say it really sneaked up on me.  As I live on a Greek island Halloween isn’t celebrated as such so I’m starting my  preparations very late….whoops!!!

Every year though, I get nostalgic for my childhood in Ireland and all the fun, silly times making bats out of card and spiders webs out of wool and getting dressed up.  I miss making toffee apples…along with burning my fingers testing to see if the caramel was ready to coat the apples.  I miss the traditional apple pie which contained charms that “foretold” your luck for the next year…a book for success at school,  a heart for success in matters of the heart,   a boat or a train for a journey.    As a teenager and a student…. I would do  more “grown up” silly things such as perfectly peeling an apple spirally, from the top to the bottom, without breaking the peel…and on the stroke of midnight throwing the unbroken spiral apple peel over one of my shoulders (cant remember the specific one) while looking in the mirror…….it would be THEN that  the reflection of the “loved one” could be seen.  All this was usually done by a gaggle of girls with a lot of apples…gathered in the privacy of one bedroom and well away from younger brothers and parents….it usually ended up in a stampede of hysterical screaming  girls thundering out of the house.

 Ah…those were the good old days !!!  More Halloween memories later.

Dressing up is a vital part of the Halloween celebrations, or shenanigans, depending on how you look at it, so I thought I’d post some Halloween upcycling.  One of my favourite items in the fashionable witches wardrobe would be her shoes.

I just love the curled up toes and sensible heel height…… so here are a few links to some very creative people

Here are a few sites I’ve found with some great Halloween ideas for decor, food, fun and games that can help everything go with a bang ….or a bump in the night!!!


http://www.creativetimesmagazine.com/   has free magazine downloads with lots of Halloween ideas


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