Making Strong Bag Straps

The most difficult thing about making bag straps  is cutting a straight line into a piece of leather, the only answer really is lots of patience and a very sharp knife!  Depending on what I’m doing I will use one of three different leather cutting knives:  a specialized German leather knife with screw-in disposable blades, a traditional type of leather knife which is lovely but needs sharpening, or an ordinary scalpel with disposable blades.  I’ll post details about my leather knives later.

I’m busy making bag straps for a large personalized suede tote but I’m really working to ensure that the straps can hold a lot of weight because I recently read a very interesting article.  It’s always good to read what people have to say about how, why and where they would buy a luxury item … and I was so surprised when I read this article in the Irish Times called


Five people talk about the bags that quicken their pulses and hold their purses.

…..where a lady describes one of her favorite “luxury brand” handbags ” It’s heavy brown tan leather and so well made – in parts. The person didn’t do the handle course and they came off”.

YIKES!!!      So…as I don’t want that to happen with my bags….these straps are made of strong, supple navy blue suede with 5 oz white leather that have been glued, sewn and riveted!  I’m pretty sure they won’t break!  The straps will be glued, sewn and riveted into the suede bag.

The leather is sourced from third generation tanners in Athens.


Blue suede & white leather handbag-purse straps with nickel silver buckles and studs


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