A Studio Tour.

I think it may be impossible to keep a working studio very tidy …….and  personally I need some form of organisation, otherwise I would be all over the place.  Other people’s studios are definitely an inspiration though and I’m always on the look out for organisation tips.

When the cupboards were being designed,  I couldn’t make up my mind about the colors.  Finally I decided on white with black edging.  I had always planned to make the button handles and in the beginning I thought, again, black and white.  They were really boring so I painted them different colors and was really happy with the end result.



This is my   “μπρίκι” (briki)  I use it to heat small amounts of dye but this size would normally be used to heat water or milk and would hold about a cup.  The smaller ones would be for making “Greek ” coffee…where the grounds are boiled with sugar and poured into a small cup. I think this type of coffee is originally from the east.

I especially love it when I see something unique to a certain place.


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