Love Art and Crafts? You should look at these sites!!!

Yes, Hermès scarves are screen printed !  Just have a look at this beautiful example and try to imagine the number of colors that must have been used for its printing.

All Hermès scarves are individually screen-printed with natural dyes,  the designers chose from over 200,000 different colors and spend years creating new print patterns.   Forty-three is the highest number of screens used for one scarf to date, which is the “Charity” scarf, released in 2006.  (watch the following video to understand what a screen is and how it is used)

By watching this amazing and informative video, you will see just how time consuming the work is.  Each scarf is truly a work of art in its own right.  Oh and the printing table is highly desirable too!!

Hermes Festival of Crafts: The Scarf from Seattle Met on Vimeo.

The Hermès site is beautiful with lots of playthings and lovely graphics, animations and little coloring games.  Highly recommended!

For further background information about Hermes try and for fashion scarf guidance try   It’s a great site where you can create different “sets” or outfits virtually by choosing clothes, shoes, and accessories from different web sites and stores.   Just create a profile and collect favorite sets as you like.  There are even competitions for the best sets!  Here is the Polyvore FAQ page.    Go on……’s free !!!!


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