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Carpe diem – as Antidote to Forced Wanderlust

These luxury pencil cases will soon be winging their way to some young Greek people who are living-working-studying abroad.  They have been personalised with the initials on one side, and “carpe diem – Seize the day” on the other.  It’s my personal message to them and all the other young, and not so young, people who have left their homes in search of a better future.

As you probably all know Greece is going through tough times, and I won’t bore you too much with that, but I just want to skim over two of the most talked about problems…. the “brain drain” and the “refugee” crisis.

The brain drain is twisting  that wonderful yearning for travel and adventure called  WANDERLUST because many don’t want to leave their homes and families to find a job outside Greece.  And as for the poor souls trudging through Europe in search of a future…what can be said?  They, who are at the mercy of cold, inhuman monsters who take thousands of dollars and think nothing of piling men, women, children and babies into unseaworthy vessels (30 people in an inflatable dinghy that should hold 4!)  to cross the Aegean, if they are lucky, to reach the outskirts of Europe…the Greek islands.   They are most definitely NOT traveling because they have WANDERLUST, they’re escaping the ravages of war, traveling to and through Europe that is POLITICALLY not welcoming them with open arms.

Now I don’t know the answer to these problems (although I do have a few ideas I mostly wish for a very strong wind to blow a few Richard Heads off their high pedestals…but that whole other story!) but I’m trying to think of ways that I can do something as well as donating.

So I just want to send  CARPE DIEM – SEIZE THE DAY-   to each and every person who has left both their home, and WANDERLUST,  behind, in the dust and rubble of their old peaceful lives.

Pencil case

Personalised luxury waxed leather pencil case with nickel silver hardware and zip. It’s embossed and silver foiled with initials and Latin quote and is fully lined. L: 21cm X H: 8 cm X W: 8 cm.

Further to the refugee crisis.   Here are a few suggestions and I’ll keep the list updated.

Philotimo. Philanthropy. Humanity.    

a wonderful article from and their INDEGOGO campaign 

Helping Those Who Are Helping Refugees in Greece

See also:

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Thank you for reading!




The Bad Kitty Tote


Lining the “Bad Kitty” Suede Tote

Almost done sewing the lining for the embossed suede “Bad Kitty” Totes.  This was definitely inspired by the island cats….they get everywhere!

kitty tote bag 1

Embossing Environmentally Friendly Leather

I am the proud owner of a big old embossing machine which was shipped from England and am currently waiting for brass type which is being hand engraved in England so it’s taking a while. (yes…I know…really..HAND ENGRAVED!) The type will be used for personalisation, either gold or silver foiled, or embossed…. but more on that later.

Today I made embossed key rings using beautiful thick chunks of 2.2mm or 5.5 oz vegetable tanned leather.

“Veg tanned” leather is a gorgeous natural material that is wonderful to work with.  It’s chrome free, so is more environmentally friendly and only gets better with age.

 The leather I use in the studio is  tanned in Athens using various ingredients such as bark, acorns, leaves and roots gathered in the deep, dark forests in northern Greece.

Some info about Greek forests HERE  and HERE  

and about the wildlife that can be found in the forests HERE and HERE

  I’m just mentioning the wild life as I think gathering natural materials from such forests could be adventurous!IMG_3650

 Finally, I’ve been embossing beautifully supple suede, sourced in Greece,  with kitty cat paws to use for different sized pouches and ruc sacs…

 the design is totally inspired by our island cats!….

Image by ExpatCH

…..just don’t leave your wine whatever you do!!!!