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Embossing Environmentally Friendly Leather

I am the proud owner of a big old embossing machine which was shipped from England and am currently waiting for brass type which is being hand engraved in England so it’s taking a while. (yes…I know…really..HAND ENGRAVED!) The type will be used for personalisation, either gold or silver foiled, or embossed…. but more on that later.

Today I made embossed key rings using beautiful thick chunks of 2.2mm or 5.5 oz vegetable tanned leather.

“Veg tanned” leather is a gorgeous natural material that is wonderful to work with.  It’s chrome free, so is more environmentally friendly and only gets better with age.

 The leather I use in the studio is  tanned in Athens using various ingredients such as bark, acorns, leaves and roots gathered in the deep, dark forests in northern Greece.

Some info about Greek forests HERE  and HERE  

and about the wildlife that can be found in the forests HERE and HERE

  I’m just mentioning the wild life as I think gathering natural materials from such forests could be adventurous!IMG_3650

 Finally, I’ve been embossing beautifully supple suede, sourced in Greece,  with kitty cat paws to use for different sized pouches and ruc sacs…

 the design is totally inspired by our island cats!….

Image by ExpatCH

…..just don’t leave your wine whatever you do!!!!