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Inspiration Behind the Design – Milos Mini-Bag

This Milos Mini-Bag design is inspired by two things:

The lines “The kisses of your lips are honey, my love” from the Song of Solomon 4:11,

and   this   Elsa Schiaparelli evening coat at the Victoria and Albert Museum

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Elsa Schiaparelli  had a wonderful, quirky way of seeing the world.  Her designs were often considered shocking, playing with contradictions and opposites, her first perfume was actually called Shocking.  

An innovative designer, way ahead of her time…she’s credited with designing the first culottes and wrap-dress, and the first clothes with visible zippers. The New Yorker’s Paris correspondent at the time said, “A dress from Schiaparelli ranks like a modern canvas” ,  having effectively turned her fashion creations into art.   Have a look at this bug necklace , it’s quite amazing when you consider it was made, and worn, in 1938 as part of her Pagan Collection inspired by Botticelli’s lush paintings.    

Schiaparelli collaborated with many artists of the day, such as Salvador Dali, believing that fashion and art share the same goals – to enrich and deepen an understanding of the world that surrounds us.   In fact Coco Chanel, Schiaparelli’s greatest rival, referred to her as “The Italian artist who makes clothes.” 

Here is an excerpt from a  Vogue  article about her early life:  “Berated by her mother for her homely looks, she grew up thinking of whimsical ways to beautify herself. Her astronomer uncle tried to allay her concerns about a cluster of moles on her cheek by noting their resemblance to the Big Dipper; years later, she recreated the constellation on the chairs in her salon, in embroideries, and on a cherished brooch. Schiap once took flower seeds and sowed them in her ears, mouth, and nose, in the hopes that she would blossom into a beauty. “To have a face covered with flowers like a heavenly garden would indeed be a wonderful thing!”

Some links for further reading.

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Threads for Thought-Political Irony in Surrealist Fashion

And so, inspired by the great artist/designer that is Schiaparelli, I’m working on this series of Milos Mini-Bags.

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The “In Your Face” Nappa Leather Tote Bag

I’ve been wanting to do an “In Your Face Bag” for a while and decided this beautiful bronze nappa leather would make cool hair.  It was fun making the pattern and it’s amazing how much the expression can change just by rearranging the eyes.

Personalised Leather Bowling Bag with Shakespeare Quote

It’s such a pleasure to work with quality Greek leather and so I have no qualms selling the end results.

New from our small island workshop is this ladies rockstud Bowling Bag purse made in black and turquoise waxed leather, fully lined with interior zip pocket.

It has a silver zip and hardware and is embellished with an embossed and silver-foiled quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare on one side,and personalized (with a little humour) on the other side.

I wanted to create a bag that could be carried around all day, from morning into night, and so it comes with two cross-body straps: black leather and black leather with silver-chain. 

Each bag we make can be fully personalized with a quote and a name or initials.

Watch out for our online shop coming soon!

Embossing Environmentally Friendly Leather

I am the proud owner of a big old embossing machine which was shipped from England and am currently waiting for brass type which is being hand engraved in England so it’s taking a while. (yes…I know…really..HAND ENGRAVED!) The type will be used for personalisation, either gold or silver foiled, or embossed…. but more on that later.

Today I made embossed key rings using beautiful thick chunks of 2.2mm or 5.5 oz vegetable tanned leather.

“Veg tanned” leather is a gorgeous natural material that is wonderful to work with.  It’s chrome free, so is more environmentally friendly and only gets better with age.

 The leather I use in the studio is  tanned in Athens using various ingredients such as bark, acorns, leaves and roots gathered in the deep, dark forests in northern Greece.

Some info about Greek forests HERE  and HERE  

and about the wildlife that can be found in the forests HERE and HERE

  I’m just mentioning the wild life as I think gathering natural materials from such forests could be adventurous!IMG_3650

 Finally, I’ve been embossing beautifully supple suede, sourced in Greece,  with kitty cat paws to use for different sized pouches and ruc sacs…

 the design is totally inspired by our island cats!….

Image by ExpatCH

…..just don’t leave your wine whatever you do!!!!

Personalising Suede leather Fringe Bag

The golden tan and turquoise suede are gorgeous together.

  I am also working on various ways to personalise my products

and for the fringe bag I thought a matching keyring would go well.


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Suede Fringe Bag

This suede is lovely, soft and really heavy.  Its sourced in Greece from third generation tanners and will make beautiful fringe bags.




Embossing New Designs onto Leather

I’ve been busy with new designs that will be embossed onto leather for new bags and wanted to share.

The design is based on acroterion, a decorative element on classical Greek architecture.  It is a design feature that can still be seen on the beautiful neoclassical buildings in Athens and throughout Greece.

More soon.

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